‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Franco Does One Last Thing As Drew

Drew's memories may soon be gone forever, but Franco has one last project to finish before that happens.

General Hospital star Roger Howarth.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Drew's memories may soon be gone forever, but Franco has one last project to finish before that happens.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Franco, who only knows himself as Drew at this point, will be giving a special gift to himself before he goes back to being Franco Baldwin. It’s all so complicated, but he is expected to undergo the procedure very soon, and he will be doing one last thing before that happens. It’s not only a gift to Drew Cain but also to Drew’s son, Oscar Nero.

As every General Hospital fan knows by now, Oscar died from cancer a few months ago. It has been a long, hard road for Kim, Josslyn, and Drew. The teen had one last request for his dad and uncle Jason. He wanted them to finish building the Quartermaine tree house together and that is exactly what is about to happen on Friday’s episode.

The spoiler from SheKnows Soaps indicates that Franco will be completing an important project. Many assume that it may have to do with Liz, but the previews reveal Franco talking to Ned about what he must do before he loses Drew’s memories.

The real Drew is presumed dead from an airplane crash, but Franco has his childhood friend’s memories right now. The other Drew worked with Jason to start the tree house, but it was never finished before the accident. Now Franco wants to make that happen.

The General Hospital spoilers also tease that Jason will surprise Ned Quartermaine. While the preview for Friday shows Jason talking to Sonny about Sam being in prison and desperately trying to get her out, the spoilers reveal that he will end up at the mansion at some point. It looks like Franco may be the one who calls Jason for help in finishing the project together like Oscar wanted.

Franco is heard in the previews telling Ned that this is one of the last things that he can do as Drew for Drew. The real Drew may end up coming back later on down the road since his body was never found, but for now, Franco knows that this is the very last opportunity to grant Oscar’s dying wish.

Franco was invited over for Thanksgiving dinner at the Quartermaines, so he found out exactly how the family works. He also discovered that even though they fight like cats and dogs, they all pull together when needed. That’s exactly what they did for Oscar when he was dying. The boy wanted the project completed by the two brothers to bring them closer together. He also wanted the tree house to be a fun place for Leo, Danny, and Scout.

The mind transferring procedure is coming up soon on General Hospital. Liz is waiting anxiously to see if it actually works or if she will lose her husband forever.