Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Visits Ava As Both Nikolas & Valentin Scramble

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

The battle over the Cassadine fortune is heating up on General Hospital and spoilers tease that Thursday’s episode will be a big one regarding the determination of where things head next. The race is on to get to the portrait of Helena and it looks as if Nikolas’ secret may be exposed to one more person when the December 5 show airs.

As everybody saw on Wednesday, Nikolas bribed someone at Shadybrook to drug Ava. He then visited her and made her believe that he was a ghost. He tortured her by saying that Kiki was unsettled in her death and he blamed Ava.

Ava was overcome with emotion through this and soon Nik was pushing her to reveal where Helena’s portrait was as a way to redeem herself. She said it was still at her gallery and Nikolas was quick to take off. His plan was to head to the gallery, but Jax called him and insisted that Nik meet him somewhere else first.

Valentin is also eager to get to the gallery to figure out whether the portrait is there or hidden elsewhere. Things are getting rather wild on this front, as he knows what Jax and Laura have been looking for and Nina is clued in on all of this from both Jax and Valentin’s competing viewpoints.

Viewers saw that Nikolas accidentally left behind his signature Cassadine ring when he left Ava’s room at Shadybrook. Now, Nina is on her way there to see Ava.

According to Soap Central, Nina will be left speechless by something this week. General Hospital spoilers have teased that Nina will be surprised by something and it is possible that those references are connected to the Valentin, Jax, and Nina drama from Wednesday’s show.

However, it also seems likely that the big shockers are coming for Nina on Thursday. Will Nina see Nikolas’ ring under Ava’s bed at Shadybrook? If Ava were to tell Nina about Nik’s “visit,” believing that he was appearing as a ghost, and Nina was to see the ring, it might spark her figuring out that Nik is still alive.

Who will get to Helena’s portrait first? How does it tie to the codicil both Valentin and Nikolas are desperate to find?

General Hospital spoilers have not revealed much about how this will end. However, teasers do indicate that Ava will save the day somehow in the days or weeks ahead.

Nina is aiming to take down Valentin and he has no idea about this, and Jax has promised Carly he’ll wrap this mess up one way or another by New Year’s. This Cassadine chaos may stretch out for a few more weeks, but General Hospital spoilers hint that a major payoff for fans is coming quite soon.