Princess Anne Appeared To Decline To Greet President Trump, And Queen Elizabeth Did Not Look Happy

John Stillwell Getty Images

Social media went wild after a clip appearing to show Princess Anne of the United Kingdom snubbing President Donald Trump went viral. In the video, her mother, Queen Elizabeth, looked less than thrilled at the behavior.

President Trump was in London for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit, scheduled for today, December 4. The event hopes to become a show of strength for the alliance despite some discord between members — much of it based on the fact that President Trump believes member countries should be spending more on defense.

In honor of the 70th year of NATO cooperation, Buckingham Palace hosted a reception the night before. For the occasion, Queen Elizabeth, along with other royals such as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, met with the leaders of member countries, which included President Trump and First Lady Melania.

For the event, the royal family engaged in a line-up to greet their guests; however, when Trump finally reached the line, Anne, the Princess Royal, was not present. Rather, she stood in a separate doorway.

When Queen Elizabeth noticed her daughter was not present in the line-up, she seemed to take a double take. The 93-year-old monarch then made a hand gesture towards her daughter.

In response, the princess raised both her hands in the air as if shrugging.

“It’s just me and this lot,” she appeared to say.

The shrug went viral on social media, and many users proclaimed that the princess royal was a member of the resistance, the term given to those who oppose Trump.

“Princess Anne for Queen,” wrote liberal writer and activist Sally Kohn in a tweet.

“LOVE that Princess Anne flat out refuses to get in receiving line to shake hands w Trump & Melania! She is having none of the proper Royal Family line where they smile & act like Trump is a normal POTUS! Anne is taking a stand & I respect her for it!” wrote another in a similar tweet.

That said, many have since insisted that the interaction had been misrepresented. For example, royal reporter from The Times Valentine Low wrote on Twitter that Trump was the last person in the greeting line, and the princess was attempting to convey this fact to the queen when she glanced at her to find out who the next guest to greet happened to be.

CNN royal reporter Victoria Arbiter seconded such sentiments on her Twitter feed as well.

“[Princess Anne] has always been a national treasure, but truth is she was never set to be in the receiving line at last night’s NATO reception. The Queen, Charles and Camilla were the only ones tasked with greeting guests. She’s still cool though!” she wrote.

However, Princess Anne might have another Trump-related crisis to calm. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the princess royal was in the group — which included Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, and Boris Johnson — that appeared to be mocking Trump, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.