WWE News: John Morrison Makes His Return Official, Signs Multi-Year Contract With Company

Months after it was first speculated that he could be rejoining WWE after eight years away from the company, it looks like John Morrison has officially returned to the promotion.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., the news of Morrison's return was first announced on Tuesday night's episode of WWE Backstage on Fox Sports 1 and later confirmed by the 40-year-old wrestler on social media. In a Twitter post, the former three-time Intercontinental Champion kept things short and sweet, saying that he is looking forward to facing some of the "most talented people in the business" now that he's back in WWE.

While the exact terms of Morrison's contract remain unknown as of this writing, a separate news release on the WWE website noted that the veteran grappler agreed to a multi-year deal with the company. Likewise, it's still unclear which brand the so-called "Prince of Parkour" will be representing, as his exact return date is also up in the air.

"The Guru of Greatness is set to bring his Hollywood style back to WWE for the first time since 2011," the news release continued. "A former Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion, Morrison is still fondly remembered by the WWE Universe for his unique and exciting in-ring style, which was influenced by his extensive background in parkour."

Although it was reported in September that Morrison had signed a contract to come back to WWE, these rumors were soon debunked by the man himself, as noted in a previous report from The Inquisitr. While the reports on a potential return quieted down soon thereafter, one of his good friends in the company, Dolph Ziggler, commented on the matter in an interview last month. Speaking to talkSPORT, Ziggler claimed that Morrison had been teasing a WWE return for about three years, adding that he hopes his friend would eventually rejoin the promotion where he first became a big star in the world of wrestling.

Known in real life as John Hennigan, Morrison was originally introduced through WWE's Tough Enough reality-based wrestler search in 2003, though it would be one year later when he made his main roster debut under the name Johnny Nitro. Aside from the aforementioned Morrison and Nitro ring names, the longtime fan-favorite has competed under a variety of monikers across several promotions, most recently going by Johnny Impact in an Impact Wrestling stint that saw him win the company's World Championship last year, as noted by Sportskeeda.