ABC Teases ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere Spoilers For Peter Weber’s Season, Including Hannah Brown Scoop

John FleenorABC

ABC has unveiled its press release for The Bachelor premiere of Peter Weber’s season, and it’s a wild one. Spoilers have already teased that there will be some franchise firsts in Peter’s journey, and this press release shares some relevant details.

The press release from ABC reveals that the January 6 premiere will be three hours long, as is often the case in recent seasons. However, there is a significant difference in this case. Instead of just the initial introductions, cocktail party, and first rose ceremony, Peter’s premiere will include the first dates, too.

The Bachelor spoilers from the premiere synopsis confirm that Peter will meet 30 women on the first night. The ladies will utilize plenty of creative strategies to make an impression, and viewers will see three flight attendants for “Pilot Pete,” one woman he’s crossed paths with before, and eventually, former The Bachelorette Hannah Brown.

A previous sneak peek showed Hannah showing up in a gorgeous red dress, exiting a limousine to greet Peter during his initial night of filming. Hannah’s arrival quickly causes waves among the rest of the bachelorettes, but this isn’t the last time she’ll be popping up.

Hannah reportedly doesn’t stick around all that long or join the show at this stage. However, The Bachelor spoilers detail that she’ll show up again, and this will also be included in the January 6 premiere.

Peter’s The Bachelor premiere will include a rose ceremony where eight women are eliminated. Then, spoilers indicate that the debut episode will jump right into the first dates.

The first group date involves nine women and a flight school setting, certainly engineered as a tribute to Peter’s profession as a pilot. One lady will get one-on-one time with him, and then he’ll have his first individual date with someone else.

Spoiler king Reality Steve shared a few extra tidbits via Twitter to help break down the press release. He says that Madison Prewett gets that first individual date, and The Bachelor spoilers indicate that it’ll go well.

The premiere will also include part of the next group date. This is where Hannah shows up again, and The Bachelor spoilers suggest that there will be a cliffhanger at this point.

The setup here is that Hannah is brought in to host this group date, and she and Peter spend some time together beforehand. As another tantalizing sneak peek is teased, the sparks will fly as the two seemingly get flirty with one another.

“It’ll end with the audience thinking that Hannah is about to join the show as a contestant, when anyone can clearly see that’s not the case. But they’re gonna make you think she does,” said Reality Steve in his Twitter thread.

It is clear that Peter’s season gets off to an intense start with all of this packed into the premiere, and The Bachelor spoilers tease that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Things are said to get pretty crazy as things progress, and everybody can get started with the rocky ride beginning on January 6.