John Legend Reacts To Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Jokingly Telling Chrissy Teigen To ‘Suck It’

John Legend actually had a somewhat positive reaction to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton telling his wife, Chrissy Teigen, to “suck it” over the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of feigning anger in response to the couple’s insult, which was obviously made in jest, he invited them over for dinner. However, the invitation came with a minor reprimand — and a warning.

On Monday night, Gwen took to Instagram to share a large number of behind-the-scenes videos from the set of The Voice with her 9.4 million followers. The singer never fails to entertain her fans with these short clips, which she usually uploads to her stories. In one such video, Gwen asked her brother, Todd Stefani, to capture Blake on camera watching Monday Night Football on his phone during a commercial break. This sparked a conversation between Blake and John about the matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings. John told Blake that one reason he’s a Seahawks fan is because Seattle is Chrissy Teigen’s hometown.

“Chrissy’s from Seattle?” Blake asked, before abruptly changing the subject. “Did you see that Instagram we did where we shouted she could ‘suck it?'”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” John replied. “That wasn’t very nice.”

Blake asked John if Chrissy also saw the video, and the country singer’s costar told him that he would make sure to show it to Chrissy later that night.

“I just want to know if she’s mad or not,” Blake said.

John then let Blake know that he’d soon get the chance to ask her himself.

“We’re going to have you guys over for dinner,” John said. “You’ll know if you survive dinner if she saw it or not.”

“So if I get food poisoning, I’ll know she saw it,” Blake quipped.

The video Blake and John were discussing was one that Gwen Stefani shared on Instagram over the weekend. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gwen and Blake spent their Thanksgiving holiday at Blake’s home in Oklahoma, where they were joined by a large group of family members. Everyone stayed there over the long holiday weekend, but they didn’t just dine on turkey leftovers. On Saturday, Blake and Todd decided to try their hand at making a pot of beef stew outdoors over a fire pit. It looked so good that it prompted Gwen and Blake to tell John’s wife, who has a reputation for her talent in the kitchen, that she can “suck it.”

Now, it looks like Gwen and Blake will get a chance to see how their stew measures up to Chrissy’s cooking. Based on Chrissy’s reaction on Twitter, it doesn’t look Blake will have to worry about getting food poisoning when he and Gwen join her for dinner.

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