Anthony Weiner Comeback Reportedly In The Works

anthony weiner comeback

An Anthony Weiner comeback has been rumored since the former Congressman, a New York Democrat representing Brooklyn and Queens, was forced to resign over a Twitter scandal involving cyberflirting and racy pictures.

Since he resigned under heavy pressure from his party (both Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama publicly advocated for a resignation) an Anthony Weiner comeback has been an ebb and flow rumor, with no solid action to suggest the fiery, plainspoken young politico would be definitively returning to politics.

However, in March, documents filed suggest a Weiner comeback may finally be in the works, good news to the many even on the national stage who felt the congressman’s fighting the good fight in Washington outstripped his minor dalliance on Twitter.

According to New York metro news sources, Weiner had been gearing up to take over for Mayor Mike Bloomberg before his career was crashed by the now-late media provocateur Andrew Breitbart — the man who not only obtained Weiner’s snaps in a late-night direct message (DM) misfire, but later unabashedly crashed Weiner’s resignation press conference and took the stage first.

But before the big crash and burn, the NYC politician had more than half a million bucks in his city campaign account, from which he used $100,000 this month to do some “polling and research” — a strong sign Weiner’s comeback may be imminent. After that, Weiner has $4.3 million remaining, according to a report filed last Friday with New York City election officials.

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The Wall Street Journal broke the news, but Weiner said that he has “nothing to report beyond what I reported.”

His Twitter account has, of course, remained silent, and it will be interesting to see if the fallen congressman picks up social media again to reach out to constituents in the likely event he gets back in the game.

It has been speculated that regardless of how, Anthony Weiner’s comeback to politics is a matter of when and not if.