David Hasselhoff Joins Protests In Berlin [Video]

Berlin Wall

David Hasselhoff has joined protests in Germany to prevent a section of the Berlin Wall from being taken down.

Developers have plans to tear down a section of the iconic wall in order to construct a handful of luxury apartments. Since many view the wall as sacred, the actor and several protesters in Berlin are attempting to block construction.

Around 136 people lost their lives attempting to cross the Berlin Wall between 1961 and 1989.

“It’s about people and it’s about hearts that were broken, hearts that were torn apart and lives that were lost. That’s what we’re talking about today, not a piece of real estate,” David Hasselhoff explained to The Associated Press.

“It’s like tearing down an Indian burial ground. It’s a no-brainer,” he added.

The former Baywatch star also took his case to his followers on Twitter. The actor provided a link to the petition for his fans and followers to sign.

“How can you tear down the wall that signifies freedom, perseverance and the sacrifice of human life?” he wrote.

David Hasselhoff stated at least 10,000 people showed up at the Berlin Wall memorial on Sunday. The actor was one of the many that turned out to honor this important piece of German history. The petition to save the section of the wall has over 62,000 signatures to-date.

Developers are reportedly interested in removing a section of the wall known as the East Side Gallery. The remains feature artwork done by painters after the fall of communism in the country.

David Hasselhoff performed “Looking for Freedom” on top of the Berlin Wall on New Year’s Even back in 1989. However, the actor and musician downplayed suggestions that his song contributed to the destruction of the wall in 1990.

“Whether it had anything to do with anything, it’s a song about freedom and it stuck in their head because it had a good hook,” he said.

The singer added, “‘If it goes to the next step, we’ll come back with a huge concert and really rock Berlin.”

Are you a fan of David Hasselhoff? What do you think about the actor joining protests to save a section of the Berlin Wall?