Cory Booker Calls On Supporters For Campaign Donations: ‘I Need Help’

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday and made a plea for donations amid a campaign that is reportedly struggling. Speaking with host John Dickerson, Booker asked American voters to consider supporting his campaign and reiterated his support for ending the partisan “tribalism” in Washington, Newsweek reports.

Dickerson pressed Booker as to whether his campaign’s message was resonating with Americans.

“You’re struggling to stay alive,” Dickerson said. “You talk about love and unity. You’ve talked about that throughout. Is that message not selling?”

Booker responded by highlighting that he has more endorsements from local leaders than any other Democratic candidate in the primary. He also said that his favorability is number three in Iowa and New Hampshire, although he admitted that this favorability has not thus far translated into favorable poll numbers. For this reason, Booker claims his campaign is focusing on advertising to push people to visit his website and contribute to his campaign.

But Dickerson continued to press Booker about his support ahead of the December debate, which requires 4 percent in four DNC-approved polls — Booker has yet to hit the threshold in one such survey. The CBS host asked Booker if he feels that this moment in time is a “do-or-die” moment for this campaign.

“It’s one of those moments where — and people have responded to this before — that if you want me in this race, that if you want my voice and my message, which is resonating, then I need help. I need people to go to and contribute so we can do what I see a lot of the billionaires in the race [are] doing, which is just running non-stop ads to boost their poll numbers.”

Booker is currently ninth in the polls with 1.8 percent support. As The Inquisitr reported, Booker made an appearance on CNN Friday and spoke to Jim Acosta about his campaign. Acosta pressed Booker about his polling position, and in response, the New Jersey senator suggested that history proves that people in his position have a better chance at securing the nomination than candidates like Pete Buttigieg, who is experiencing a surge in the polls.

The 50-year-old politician noted that successful Democratic nominees such as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were more aligned with his position in the polls at similar points in the primary race. As with his CBS interview, Booker also noted his net favorability and suggested he was experiencing a post-debate surge in fundraising.

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