Beyonce Shows Off Her Famous Curves In An Olive Skirt Set For Latest Instagram Update

Beyonce recently shared photos of herself at the Queen and Slim premiere on Instagram.

The "Drunk in Love" songstress recently shared several images of herself supporting the crime drama on Saturday, November 30. In the first set of photos, Beyonce is showing off her stunning outfit and dazzling makeup look. The first image shows Beyonce looking intensely at the camera as she stands in front of a grey backdrop. As she is staring at the camera, her 135 million Instagram followers are able to see the details surrounding her hair and makeup look. The songstress decided to style her signature blonde locks in a slick half-up, half-down hairdo. Her hair is covered in tight curls in the photo as her lips are slightly pursed. Her makeup is flawless, with a light foundation, highlighter, pink eyeshadow, and a brown lip gloss. Beyonce also showed off her gold drop earrings in the photo.

In the next slide, Beyonce gave her fans a full view of her outfit. The singer is wearing an olive skirt set with a matching bodysuit underneath. Her cropped jacket is buttoned up to her neck, and the sleeves are oversized. Beyonce's skirt also allows her fans to see her infamous legs and her olive sandals. In the photo, she also shows her matching handbag, which has the letter "B" plastered across. The following slides show Beyonce with her mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, her cousin, Angie Beyince, and Kelly Rowland all posing together at the premiere. Beyonce also captured moments at the premiere, including a still of Queen and Slim's director, Melina Matsoukas.

At the time of writing, the photo of Beyonce received more than 1 million likes. The photo also received more than 13,000 comments from Beyonce's fans."AGE WE DONT KNOW HER," one fan said.

"My goal is to post more pics without caption like Queen B lol..." another fan chimed in.

Beyonce also shared another spin on her outfit with her fans. In the following post, Beyonce is wearing the same skirt set but opted to change her shoes. In the photo, the singer is sitting in what appears to be a library on a velvet couch. She has since changed her shoes, opting for snakeskin boots with a heel. Beyonce then shared more photos of her, Waithe and Matsoukas in the photo.

At the time of writing, the post of Beyonce received more than 1 million likes. The photo also received more than 8,000 comments from Beyonce's fans.

"SIT ON MY NECK PLEASE," one fan requested.

"You are SO CUTE BEY!!!" another fan chimed in.

Queen and Slim premiered on Wednesday, November 27. The film was much-anticipated and stars Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith. The film was both Waithe and Matsoukas' first experience creating a feature film.