Ellie Goulding Is Being Made Fun Of For Her Unusual Hat At The Dallas Cowboys Halftime Show

On Thanksgiving, 32-year-old pop singer Ellie Goulding performed at the Dallas Cowboys halftime show. What was particularly interesting about this performance wasn't Goulding's singing, but rather her outfit. Goulding wore a unique outfit with a rather odd statement piece: a cowboy hat that resembled a lampshade. Social media users quickly began cracking jokes about the strange accessory piece online, according to Cosmopolitan.

The singer wore pants that were half-black and half-white, pairing the look with a fringed vest that was also half-black and half-white. The hat itself was white and included fringe that mostly covered Goulding's eyes, making her nearly unrecognizable to those that might have happened to glance over at the game in the midst of the Thanksgiving festivities.

Social media users shared some pretty comical memes regarding the strange hat on Twitter. Some compared it to the bizarre lamp from A Christmas Story. Others thought it looked more like a vintage chandelier. Other mocked Goulding's apparent interpretation of how a traditional cowboy might have dressed.

"Ellie Goulding is dressed exactly how a British person thinks a Cowboy looks like," one user tweeted.

"Ellie Goulding is dressed exactly how the whole world thinks a lamp looks like," another person comment upon the post.

Two weeks prior to Thursday's game, there were concerns that Goulding might not even perform at the halftime show, as The Inquisitr previously reported. This was because of this particular game's association with the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is a non-profit charity organization founded by the Protestant Christian Church. They are known to ring bells outside of stores around Christmas time in hopes of getting donations. The funds are then directed to assist those that are in need during the holiday season.

Goulding recently worked with the Salvation Army in New York to provide food for the homeless and those that may have recently been struck by natural disaster. While this may have seemed like a perfectly kind thing to do, she got criticism for it from fans who pointed out that the organization has come under fire for being homophobic.

This was news to Goulding, who then began to doubt whether she should perform at the halftime show.

"I have reached out to The Salvation Army and said that I would have no choice but to pull out unless they very quickly make a solid, committed pledge or donation to the LGBTQ community," she said two weeks prior to the performance.

While it's not clear if a donation was made, Goulding did, of course, end up performing after all.