'General Hospital' Sneak Peek: Neil & Julian Work Together To Find Alexis

Alexis is in major trouble on ABC's General Hospital after she discovered on Friday's episode that Kendra really did poison her like Neil thought. She also discovered exactly why her personal trainer would do such a thing. Alexis was totally shocked to discover that Kendra is actually Keifer's sister. Now Kendra is about to finish the job she started. In a new sneak peek for Monday's show, Neil is frantic to find Alexis after talking to Julian.

Alexis checked herself out of General Hospital on Friday before Neil got back. She trailed Kendra to see where she would go and she headed straight to the cemetery where Keifer is buried. In the clip for Monday, Kendra is ready for her and knocks Alexis unconscious with a rock. She is about to dispose of the woman who killed her brother years ago.

The clip that was posted by ABC shows Julian spilling to Neil that he found the same supplement container that Alexis got from Kendra in his garbage at Charlie's. He also mentions the dead rats he found not long after he saw Kendra snooping around the bin. That seemed to cement the fact that she did try to kill Alexis.

Neil will be desperately trying to get hold of her, but is unsuccessful. Julian will hear back from Molly saying that she hasn't seen her mom all day. The two men really start to worry. That's when Neil tells Julian that he is alerting the police on the situation. There are no more details on whether he really does that or if Julian steps in to find her on his own.

The clip also flashes to Kendra in the car with an unconscious Alexis in the back seat. She says that she has reached her "final destination." The previews that were shown for Monday's General Hospital revealed that Alexis does wake up and the two women will exchange words.

The spoilers for the week of December 2 indicate that Kendra wants Alexis to pay for her brother's death, and she makes sure that Alexis knows it. Alexis accidentally ran over Kristina's abusive boyfriend at that time, but Kendra is not going to hear what she has to say. The personal trainer has her mind made up that Alexis did it deliberately, and she is determined to do the same to her.

There are no further details on what Kendra plans to do to the lawyer. However, both Neil and Julian know that she is in deep trouble and is nowhere to be found. They will do whatever they can to find her before it's too late.