Marc Gasol Uses Shoe Attack To Prevent Basket [Video]

marc gasol

Marc Gasol has plenty of defensive weapons at his disposal. He uses his height to block shots, his long arms to grab rebounds, and, on the rare occasion, will pull out the shoe attack to knock the ball away.

Gasol was running back on defense during the Memphis Grizzlies’ game against the Utah Jazz when he stepped out of his right shoe. The Grizzlies’ big man continued down the floor as one of his teammates scooped up the shoe.

Gasol was hoping for the refs to blow the whistle so he could put his shoe back on but they decided to keep their whistles in their pockets and let the play continue.

So, Gasol had no choice. He had to play defense with a shoe in his hand.

And Gasol definitely made the best out of the unique situation. As Derrick Favors drove to the basket Gasol used his long arms, now with a few added extras thanks to the shoe, to attack the ball and prevent the basket.

Here’s the video of the play.

Gasol was called for a foul on the play. Unfortunately, it was just a regular old reach in foul and had nothing to do with the shoe attack.

Do you think Gasol should have been given a technical foul for using his shoe?