NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Locker Room Erupts In Turmoil After Thanksgiving Loss To Buffalo Bills

The Dallas Cowboys are still atop the NFC East on Friday, but the team is reportedly in turmoil after a 26-15 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving and a locker room that erupted in anger afterward.

After scoring a touchdown on their opening drive on Thursday, the Cowboys fell flat and gave up 26 straight points to the Bills in the loss. Despite having a chance to put a strong hold on the division with a win, Dallas could now end the week tied with the Philadelphia Eagles.

As reported, several sources reported after the game that there was loud shouting in the Cowboys locker room following the loss. Defensive end Michael Bennett admitted later that he was one of those yelling, saying he was trying to impress how important the team's remaining games were after losing to the Bills.

Bennett said that the Cowboys have the talent to be a contender, but need to do a better job to "execute in adversity." That seemed to be lacking on Thursday, where the Bills forced a series of turnovers and the Cowboys had lapses in all three phases of the game.

"We've got to be able to change some of the things that we've been doing to demand more from ourselves and become the people we want to be. Every opportunity is in front of us, but it's just on us to capitalize," Bennett said. "To win, you've got to sacrifice a lot. It's going to hurt. It's painful. You play through injury, but you do it because you have to. To win that championship, to win that [Vince] Lombardi [Trophy], there's no feeling like that. And that takes a lot."

Running back Ezekiel Elliott also spoke out after the loss, saying he was upset about how the team "let the season go," the Star-Telegram noted. Elliott added that he was still hopeful for the season as the Cowboys control their own destiny from here on out. After a 3-0 start, Dallas has now lost six of their last nine games.

Some of the internal turmoil seems to be spilling outward. As The Inquisitr reported, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been publicly critical of the team's coaching and there are widespread reports that head coach Jason Garrett will be gone after this year. Not long after reports of shouting from the team's locker room started to circulate, however, Jones made a public statement in support of Garrett, saying he won't be fired.