Is CVS Open On Thanksgiving?

Those who are looking to catch up on their shopping on Thanksgiving, should look no further than CVS. Most 24-hour stores will still operate during their normal hours, however, Fortune reports that most CVS pharmacies will be closed.

While most people choose to spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones, some prefer to spend the holiday indulging in some retail therapy. Additionally, if you’re looking to buy some antacids after indulging in too much pecan pie, or simply need to pick up some toiletries while avoiding the Black Friday crowd, CVS may stock just what you need.

What Are CVS’s Operating Hours On Thanksgiving?

For most CVS stores, it will be business as usual. Although according to Time, some may have different operating hours depending on location.

Those looking for a bargain, may also want to start shopping early. Some CVS stores may even start to discount their prices in lieu of Black Friday the following day. Early shoppers may be able to score a good deal if they plan ahead and scour the store’s website in search of a bargain.

Will CVS Pharmacies Be Open On Thanksgiving?

While the 24-hour stores are typically open on the holiday, it seems as if the group’s pharmacies may be taking a break for Thanksgiving.

One of the perks of being able to pop into a CVS store is that they often have a CVS Pharmacy. However, it would be wise to call ahead and check if these facilities will be open.

Will CVS Minute Clinics Be Open On Thanksgiving?

The CVS Pharmacies and Minute Clinics actually don’t follow the same schedule as the rest of the store. Typically, they are closed on major holidays, such as Thanksgiving, but some may still be open for business.

However, since the pharmacies and clinics need an on-duty pharmacist to assist the public, they may not be open if they are taking the day off to spend with their families and loved ones.

While most people will enjoy Thanksgiving and football in the comfort of their own homes, there will be those who pop out to the store for some necessities. CVS stores will be open in the majority of locations, but if you need some urgent medical care, it is advisable that you rather go to your local emergency room for immediate attention.

It seems as if the majority of CVS Minute Clinics and Pharmacies will be closed on Thanksgiving, however, they will reopen on Black Friday. And for most people, this will be just fine.

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