‘Duke Nukem 2’ Headed To iOS This April [Video]

Duke Nukem

The old-school PC platformer Duke Nukem 2 is headed to iOS this April.

The predecessor to the first-person shooter is finally coming to modern devices. The shareware classic will be available to a new generation of gamers beginning next month.

Interceptor Entertainment, the team behind the Rise of the Triad reboot, is responsible for bringing Duke Nukem 2 to iOS. The company and 3D Realms announced the game’s forthcoming release last Thursday (March 14).

The mobile version of the 2D side-scroller will feature all of the original game’s 32 levels. Interceptor Entertainment will update the game by integrating touchscreen controls, updated graphics, a new soundtrack, and interactive environments into the mix.

High scores will be tracked courtesy of an online leaderboard. This should make it easy for gamers to keep an eye on how their friends are holding up.

Duke Nukem 2 was originally released for MS-DOS back in 1993. Set in the year 1998, the game follows the adventures of the title character as he attempts to escape from a high-tech alien prison.

The popular shareware title was later ported to the Game Boy Color. Although the game was designed to resemble its DOS-based counterpart, this version featured new graphics, music, enemies, and bosses. The game also featured 21 levels instead of 32.

Duke Nukem 2 is just one of several platformers developed by Apogee Software during the early 90s. The company is also responsible for crafting such memorable shareware titles as Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventures, Secret Agent, Bio Menace, and Monster Bash.


Apogee also published two Commander Keen games by id Software during the 90s. Invasion of the Vorticons was first released as shareware in 1990. Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy! would arrive in 1991. Although Apogee sold Commander Keen in Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter in its store, the game was originally published by FormGen.

The updated version of Duke Nukem 2 will be available in the Apple App Store next month. Curious gamers and old-school fans can expect to pay $1.99 for the game on iOS.