‘The Bachelor’ Preview Teases Flirty Interaction Between Peter Weber & Hannah Brown During His Search For Love

John FleenorABC

A huge new preview for The Bachelor aired during Monday night’s finale of Dancing with the Stars. The tantalizing sneak peek immediately had fans buzzing after seeing some flirty moments between Peter Weber and former The Bachelorette Hannah Brown.

Another sneak peek had already teased that Hannah would show up on the first night of filming Peter’s season. In that video, she came out of a limousine wearing a gorgeous red dress and The Bachelor star was stunned to see her.

Now, this longer preview shows even more of Hannah and Peter together. In fact, ABC has expertly crafted this sneak peek to lead fans to believe that Hannah and Peter are still very much interested in one another and that he goes so far as to ask her to join his season as a contestant.

Does Hannah really want a reunion with Peter and does she jump in to compete for his final rose? According to spoiler king Reality Steve, no, that’s not the case. However, production certainly knows how to generate a lot of buzz ahead of the premiere by insinuating otherwise.

As the first preview showing Hannah hit social media, and ahead of the extended sneak peek that aired during Dancing with the Stars, Reality Steve took to Twitter to break things down.

“B4 everyone freaks out when the first promo airs tonight, Hannah WAS NOT a contestant on Peters season. She gets out of the limo to talk to him night 1 (didn’t join the party), & shows up on a date in ep 3 to talk again. Both were in LA. She just took a couple hrs off DWTS to do it,” explained Reality Steve.

The new tidbits showcased during Monday’s sneak peek seemingly come from Episode 3. The Bachelor spoilers previously detailed that Hannah was set to host a group date of Peter’s. However, Peter and Hannah spent time alone talking and he ended up canceling the daytime portion of the group date.

Now, it looks like fans get a sense of what transpired between Hannah and Peter during that alone time.

The interactions certainly do look quite flirty and fans surely will not be able to help but notice that the sparks of chemistry between Hannah and Peter are still there. The editing of the clip makes it appear that Peter asks Hannah what she would think if he asked her to join the show.

However, some might notice that Peter isn’t actually shown saying this from start to finish to Hannah. It seems quite likely that what was actually said between the two during that moment wasn’t nearly as jaw-dropping as this sneak peek makes it appear.

One way or another, viewers will see how this plays out during Episode 3 airing this winter. According to Reality Steve, Hannah seemingly does not stick around and does not appear during Peter’s season again after this.

The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Peter does find love and is happy with how things ended. Everybody will get to start watching it play out for themselves beginning on January 6 and fans cannot wait.