November 25, 2019
'The Walking Dead': AMC Releases Trailer And Title For Upcoming Spinoff Series

Ever since news started filtering in regarding a new spinoff series set in the same world as AMC's The Walking Dead, fans have been eager to know more. Now, according to Digital Spy, AMC has just released the title and a new trailer for this upcoming series.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a trailer for this series, as well as some promotional pictures featuring the new characters, was released earlier in the year. However, fans were disappointed that there was still no title announced and had to keep referring to the new series as TWD3.

Previously, a working title was discovered for this new series and, for a time, fans tentatively referred to it as Monument. Now, AMC has finally released the official title of the series -- The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Already, it is known that this new series will feature younger characters. These people have grown up with little knowledge of the world from before the outbreak that decimated the population. As a result of this and of having been living in a sheltered community, they are curious about the outside world. So, the new title certainly reflects this information.

Along with the title announcement, AMC has also released a new trailer. In the clip, a reference is made to the same helicopter that has featured in both of the other Walking Dead series. Already, the suggestion that the third series will focus on the group that uses these helicopters has already been revealed so it comes as no surprise that the confirmation is made in the trailer.

In addition, further details of the new characters are also featured in the clip.

"Once upon a time, the end of the word was our beginning," one of the characters says in the trailer.

Various images are then shown of these new characters as they fight walkers and struggle to survive in the outside world. It is at this point that the helicopter with the familiar logo of three joined circles is introduced.

Julia Ormond stars as Elizabeth in AMC's 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond'
AMC | Zach Dilgard

"We are the last light of the world," another character says. "We are the last hope."

According to AMC, this new character is Elizabeth, played by Julia Ormond. She will play the "leader of a formidable society" which is "an extension of the other worlds" previously seen in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.

As for how the younger characters in World Beyond will interact with Elizabeth, Ormond explains using a very current catchphrase.

"What I love about World Beyond is that it starts with a younger group and people who were really young when this all started. For them, it's like, 'OK, boomers. You guys messed up. It's up to us to save the world.' It's definitely got that vibe."
Viewers can view the latest trailer for The Walking Dead: World Beyond below.
As yet, no release date has been set for AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. However, the series is expected to premiere in the spring of 2020.