November 25, 2019
New 'The Bachelor' Preview Teases Shocker For Peter Weber's Season As Hannah Brown Makes An Appearance

Peter Weber can't say much about what went down while he filmed The Bachelor this fall, but a couple of new sneak peeks are giving anxious fans a few hints about what lies ahead. In fact, a new preview has people buzzing over what appears to be a reunion between Peter and his The Bachelorette love, Hannah Brown.

Given how Hannah's season ended, some The Bachelor fans could not help but speculate that perhaps she would feel compelled to pursue Peter again. Viewers watched as the former couple developed a solid relationship with a ton of chemistry, and of course, there was that wild windmill overnight date.

Now, this new preview will likely generate a fresh wave of speculation that Hannah may have shown up as a contestant on Peter's season.

The clip shared on The Bachelor Instagram page on Monday is just a few seconds long, but it sparked a lot of discussion. The brief video showed Hannah getting out of a limousine wearing a gorgeous red dress. She smiled at Peter and giggled a bit as she clasped her hands together while Peter's jaw dropped.

Peter was wearing a tuxedo in The Bachelor sneak peek and this is seemingly from the initial night of filming. His reaction was one of confusion, as he smiled and simply exclaimed "What?" as he saw Hannah.

So why is Hannah showing up at Peter's first night of filming The Bachelor? Spoilers suggest that she will hang around and chat with Peter to some extent, but she isn't there to ask for another shot or to be an official contestant on his season.

As blogger Reality Steve said shortly after filming started, Hannah lives in Los Angeles now and has been doing Dancing with the Stars since Peter started filming. Given her proximity to where The Bachelor was filming and the connection she had with Peter, it seems that production took advantage of her closeness however they could.

"They're weaving Hannah into as many storylines as possible... Look, we know that Peter fell for Hannah. We get it. But shoe horning Hannah into the season to freak out the other women just seems kinda lame," noted Reality Steve.

The Bachelor fans are buzzing over this brief video clip with Hannah showing up on Peter's first night of filming, but there are other teasers floating around, too. A preview for Monday night's Dancing with the Stars finale also teased a quick glimpse of Peter's season. It seems that viewers may see Peter in the audience of the DWTS finale and that there may be another sneak peek shown during the show.

Peter's journey as The Bachelor begins airing in January. Spoilers tease that fans will see Hannah pop up a little bit, but not in an ongoing way as a contestant. Fans will be anxious to learn more.