Logan Paul Says He Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., And The Internet Is Very Worried For Him

Jayne Kamin-OnceaGetty Images

Logan Paul is hinting that he may take on Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his next boxing match, and the internet is getting very worried for the YouTube star.

The 24-year-old has moved into a new phase of his social media career by taking up boxing, just losing a highly anticipated match to fellow YouTuber Olajide “KSI” Olatunji in a rematch to their August 2018 bout where they fought to a draw. Paul appears to be undeterred after the loss, however, as he is already looking forward to what could be a monumental next fight.

Paul took to Twitter this week to share a news story about how Mayweather was reportedly considering a fight either against him or KSI for his next comeback to the boxing ring. Paul then tweeted a screenshot of another story saying that he was coming in at 33-to-1 odds in the hypothetical matchup.

The idea of the novice boxer going against one of the greatest of all time didn’t sit well with many on the internet, however. Many fans took to social media to express concern that Logan may not make it out of the fight alive.

“Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather LMFAO, logan is going to die,” one fan wrote.

Others reminded Logan that he wasn’t able defeat KSI, who was new to boxing as well, so he likely would have no chance in the ring against Mayweather.

“You lost to an overweight fifa gamer that went on tour and didn’t train for 7 months while you were training,” one fan noted.

It’s not clear if Mayweather would actually entertain the idea of fighting Logan Paul, or if any of the logistics would work out. While Mayweather has shown a willingness to take on opponents from outside the boxing world — having faced MMA fighter Conor McGregor in a much-hyped match in 2017 — there is a monumental difference in weight classes for the two. Logan and KSI fought as cruiserweights, with Logan weighing in just a hair under 200 pounds. Mayweather last fought at just under 150 pounds.

It could just be a case of Mayweather using Paul’s popularity to bring more attention to his own comeback. Mayweather is a master at promoting fights and putting the spotlight on himself, having fought in four of the top five best-selling pay-per-view matches of all time.

Logan may also have some other business to attend to before he thinks about fighting Mayweather. The YouTuber said after his bout with KSI that he intends to formally appeal the loss, specifically a referee’s decision to dock him two points for hitting KSI in the back of the head.