Former Fox News Host Juliet Huddy Blasts Network For Pushing 'Agenda-Driven Narrative'

Juliet Huddy, a former Fox News anchor and host, blasted her former employer during an interview on CNN's Reliable Sources, claiming the network is manipulating its large viewership by feeding them an "agenda-driven narrative," especially as it relates to news coverage of President Donald Trump's impeachment.

According to the Washington Examiner, Huddy, who currently works as the co-host of Juliet and Curtis for WABC, told CNN's Brian Stelter that Fox News knows their viewers will typically stay loyal to the network, giving them license to push certain agendas, as she alleged.

She also agreed with Stelter that Fox News is suppressing "damning evidence" coming out of the House-led impeachment inquiry in an attempt to portray the president in a more positive light.

Huddy went on to say that her relatives who gather their news primarily from headlines, especially on the subject of impeachment, only get their information from Fox News and Breitbart headlines, implying that they, like many others, are not getting the full story.

"I look at their computer screens, it's Breitbart or The Hill so, the headlines and the information that they're getting is curated by a very specific agenda-driven narrative, and that is the Right," Huddy said. "So, they're not getting any of this information."

Huddy doubled down on her feelings about the right-leaning network, even calling out several of the network's top shows and anchors in the process.

"Fox is banking on the fact, as is [Sean] Hannity to Tucker Carlson and the rest of the crew, the Fox & Friends folk, they're banking on the fact that they've done a good job of convincing us, the rest of the world, and their viewers, that the media is lying, that critics of Donald Trump are liars and are the enemy of the state," Huddy said.

Though Fox News is generally the friendliest cable news network as far as news coverage of the president is concerned, star hosts like Chris Wallace and former daytime anchor Shepard Smith logged several occasions of reporting unfavorable Trump news. The president himself has even recently criticized the network for what he claimed was unfair coverage, going as far as calling Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott to complain, as The Inquisitr reported.

Donald Trump gestures to Fox News anchor and moderator Chris Wallace after the third U.S. presidential debate.
Getty Images | Drew Angerer

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Huddy made headlines for several reasons in 2017, including news of her settlement with the network over her previous accusations against former anchor Bill O'Reilly.

She also claimed that at one point, the president tried to kiss her on the lips in an elevator after a lunch date.