'The Challenge' Season 35 Spoilers: Possible New Title Is 'Battle For Independence'

Season 35 of The Challenge is currently filming, which means that things are always changing in the spoiler department. There had been two possible subtitles already mentioned over the past few weeks that were attached to the season, but now a third title is in the works.

Originally Season 35 had War of the Worlds 3 connected to it, then it was rumored to be changed to Apocolypse by Pink Rose on The Challenge Vevmo page. Now, multiple spoiler accounts are claiming the title of the new season is Battle for Independence.

In addition to Pink Rose's popular spoiler thread, Instagram account challengetea911 is also reporting on the Battle for Independence rumors. The popular spoiler account boasts almost 50,000 followers and shared a mock-up logo for Season 35 on its page on Sunday evening.

The post also tagged all of the competitors rumored to be playing in the newest season. Pink Rose did note that this new title was tentative to change, and nothing can truly be confirmed until MTV reveals the title in a press release, while also revealing the cast.

Battle for Independence seems like a reasonable subtitle for Season 35, given earlier spoilers that there would be no teams this time around. Pink Rose noted that this would be an individual season, after back-to-back team-based seasons in War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2.

War of the Worlds 3 was debunked after the cast reveal included mostly competitors from the United States, and only a handful of Brits, while also including a few members from other countries. It was always speculated that War of the Worlds would be a trilogy since it was a format MTV had been following with the franchise for the last few years. Battle for Independence could tie into War of the Worlds, but fans will have to wait for the new season to debut to see how it's all connected.

The news of the new title has many fans on Instagram excited, especially since some viewers have been exhausted with the team format, especially in Season 34.

"I CANT WAIT, I'm happy it's an individual game but I heard that the living conditions aren't great," one fan wrote on challengetea911's post.

"Love the name!!! Team Josh all the way," another added.

Naturally, some fans added in the comments section that they liked the name Apocolypse better than Battle for Independence. Of course, the title could still change as there's plenty of time before the show premieres next year.

Fans will remember War of the Worlds 2 was originally titled Bloody Hell before changes were made at the last minute.