Jill Duggar Speaks Out On Her Time On TLC, Says She & Derick Dillard ‘Stepped Away’ From The Show

It has been a while since Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard have been a part of reality TV. She grew up in front of the TLC camera during the 19 Kids and Counting years and then went on to star in Counting On after the previous show got canceled. Derick has been quite vocal about the rumor that they were fired from the reality show, but his wife seemed to stay mum about it. But now a cute story about one of her sons has prompted her to speak out on that rumor and whether fans will see them back on air anytime soon.

Jill is quite active on Instagram. She loves to share photos and stories of everyday life as a mom. Some of her content hasn’t been so pleasant lately, but her most recent post brought smiles to her followers. On Friday, the Duggar daughter shared that her older son Israel came running into the bathroom as she was getting ready for the day excited that he heard the Duggars mentioned while he was watching some kind of family show. That also prompted Jill to spill that her family was given rough cuts to watch before their reality show aired on TV. However, they were forced to watch it elsewhere since they did not own a TV themselves.

That brought one person to inquire whether Jill and Derick would ever be returning to Counting On any time in the future. The mom of two hopped back on saying that it is highly unlikely. She also corroborated her husband’s story that it was their decision to leave.

“We get asked that a lot…No plans to currently. It just all got to be too much for our little family, so we decided to step away from it all a couple years ago before the birth of our second child. Love our film crew though…great people,” Jill Duggar said.


That led to the back and forth comments from people who still insist that this isn’t the truth, that they were fired after Derick Dillard’s tweets seemingly slammed TLC’s Jazz Jennings. The former reality star has insisted that they walked away before he let loose on Twitter against both TLC and Jazz.

After several comments were made, Jill Duggar once again came back on her timeline to simply state that they weren’t fired. Her cousin, Amy Duggar King, was also a part of the conversation on Jill’s post. The new mom at first reminisced on the watch parties their family used to have. After Jill made the comment about stepping away from reality TV, Amy commented saying that she and husband Dillon also chose to walk away from it.

One person seemed to slam Amy at one point making it sound like she had also been “removed” from the show. The Duggar cousin came back only saying that it was their choice.

Lately, Derick Dillard has been speaking out on his troubles with TLC, and with Jim Bob Duggar, saying that he was not being paid by the network and that his father-in-law was in control of all the money that the whole family was making from the two reality shows.

It’s not known exactly how Jill Duggar feels about this controversy between her husband and dad, but it seems that she and Derick are making sure that everyone knows that they were not fired from Counting On.