Derick Dillard Seemingly Adds Fuel To The Fire To Rumors Of Feud With Jim Bob Duggar

Jill and Derick Dillard are no longer a part of the TLC family like the rest of the family still is, but they do share plenty on social media whenever they get the chance. But is Jill’s husband really airing out his dirty laundry in front of everyone on Twitter? That is the question that everyone seems to be trying to figure out.

Derick is not one to back down when it comes to standing up for something he believes in. That appeared to be what got him into trouble in 2017 when he spoke out against transgender teen, Jazz Jennings, who also has a show on TLC. However, the former reality star has since toted that his ranting wasn’t what got him and Jill let go from Counting On. He recently said that TLC had them in a “bogus” contract and tried to keep them from their missionary work. That was the reason that they quit filming. That doesn’t seem to be the end of Derick’s beef with TLC either, and now he is seemingly being more outspoken about Jim Bob Duggar as well. In Touch has captured the exchange of tweets between Derick and people who challenged him on a few issues.

The father-of-two responded on Thursday to some old fan questions back from over a year ago. Back in 2017, he posted a comment that read, “Don’t compromise your values for your voice.” That brought out plenty of people who blasted him and also had others questioning him about different topics. For some reason, he decided to answer them just in the past few days. His comments seemed to be aimed at both TLC and Jim Bob.

One person asked if he had asked the network to pay for a hospital bill and asked for an explanation if that was indeed true. Derick Dillard finally responded by explaining the situation, making it sound like he and Jill didn’t get paid for having the birth episode on air.

“I thought it was fair to ask in negotiating… TLC made lots of money in filming a birth special episode, and they had not offered to pay us anything. So I thought, at the very least, they could reimburse 5-10K for medical expenses. TLC sure made more than that off of us.”

The couple has health insurance, but according to the 30-year-old law student, they have high deductibles to meet.

Then came the mention of Jill’s dad, who is seemingly the keeper of the money made on the reality show. One person on social media asked on Derick’s Twitter why Jim Bob doesn’t give any of that money to his kids.

Derick wrote back saying, “I don’t know. You would have to ask him that.”

There is also an older question asking if Jim Bob is still his voice and his answer was,”No, and never has been.”

One odd response from Jill Duggar’s husband came after someone came right out and asked if there was a falling out between him and Jim Bob. The fan ended the comment by saying that they hope that the rumors are not true.

Derick came back saying, “Why do you hope it’s not true?”

These exchanges between Derick Dillard and people on social media have added more fuel to the already burning fires about his and Jill’s current relationship with the Duggar patriarch. Fans are really hoping that it’s not as bad as it appears to be.

Since he is no longer employed by TLC, Derick has taken on a few odd jobs, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. In addition to going to law school, he is also working as a delivery guy for Grubhub.

Both Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have their own Instagram accounts for those who want to keep updated on them and their two adorable boys.

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