Advocates Against Domestic Violence Are Focusing On The Jennifer Dulos Case

Helen Storms

Connecticut mother of five, Jennifer Dulos, has been missing since May 24. Police believe her estranged husband Fotis Dulos and his former girlfriend Michelle Troconis are behind her disappearance. Now, advocates against domestic violence are focusing on this case, using it as an example of what is an, unfortunately, all too common tragedy, according to The Middletown Press.

Karen Jarmoc, the president and CEO of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, pointed out how Jennifer expressed her fear of her husband on multiple occasions. She was scared that once she filed for divorce Fotis would try to get revenge and may harm her physically. She tried to do everything in her power to protect herself and her children but her fate still turned out the way that it did, as Jarmoc explained.

"We know through court documents that Jennifer Farber Dulos offered to the family court on more than one occasion, that she was fearful of her husband who could be vengeful and dangerous."
"Her statements in court filings that she feared her desire to dissolve her marriage would enrage her husband, signaled to many of us who do this work a real and tangible concern that was quite chilling, considering she has now been missing since May. This case hit home because it is representative of so many others we see on a daily basis."

As The Inquisitr previously reported, two figures resembling Fotis and his former girlfriend were caught on video surveillance the night Jennifer disappeared depositing trash bags in dumpsters. The bags were later found to contain Jennifer's bloody clothes. As if this was not incriminating enough, investigators also found traces of Jennifer's blood in one of Fotis' vehicles.