The Family Of Jennifer Dulos Speaks Out As Her Disappearance Now Reaches The Six-Month Mark

Connecticut mother of five, Jennifer Dulos, has been missing since May 24. As her disappearance now reaches the sixth month, her family is speaking publicly about the pain they are dealing with and how difficult it is to not have answers. Because they don’t know what really happened to her, they aren’t able to grieve her loss, according to The Middletown Press.

While law enforcement has theories about what happened to Jennifer, they don’t know with certainty so they can’t give her family the answers they need to heal. In addition, although law enforcement no longer believes that Jennifer is alive, they haven’t located a body, which means that her family can’t even have a proper funeral for her. They are stuck in a period of not knowing.

Carrie Luft, a close friend of Jennifer’s, delivered the statement from the family. She talked about how the people close to Jennifer are dealing with what she described as “ambiguous loss.”

“But in this case, we have no narrative. If you don’t have a narrative, you don’t have a story to tell people. That’s how usually people begin working through their grief. They have a story.”

Ambiguous loss involves losing someone but not in the traditional way, such as a person passing away. It is often associated with dealing with a loved one that has a condition like Alzheimer’s. They might not be dead, but there is a sense of distance and detachment that makes them feel as if they are.

As for Jennifer’s five children, they are currently living with their 84-year-old grandmother, Gloria Farber, in New York City. Luft emphasized that while the kids certainly miss their mother and are dealing with a lot of pain, there is no shortage of people that care for them and are trying to support them in any way they can.

“Not only are the children with their grandmother, they are surrounded by a constellation of people who are steady and loving, providing emotional support and stability and a constant presence in their lives to give them the best chance of coming through this OK. Stability has been key for us, making sure they are safe, they have a routine, they are in midst of daily life.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there are two primary suspects in this case. They are Jennifer’s estranged husband Fotis Dulos and his ex-girlfriend Michelle Troconis. They both face charges of interfering with the investigation and tampering with evidence.

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