Kate Middleton Covering Up Baby Bump, Opting For Modest Approach During Pregnancy

Kate Middleton Covering Up Baby Bump, Opting For Modest Approach During Pregnancy

Kate Middleton may be covering her baby bump and opting for modesty while she’s carrying the royal baby, but the Duchess can’t hide the unmistakable glow that comes with pregnancy.

The wife of Prince William has attracted a large and dedicated following in the years before and after joining the royal family, and with her pregnancy the coverage of her every move has intensified.

One of the most popular topics — what she’s wearing during her pregnancy — has led many people to realize that Kate Middleton has been keeping the baby bump largely under wraps.

Case in point — the couple’s recent trip to the Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse in the English countryside on Friday. At the event, Kate Middleton had her baby bump hidden underneath a salmon-colored Joseph coat.

While she may have been keeping the progress of her pregnancy private (or maybe she was just cold), the Duchess wasn’t ashamed of showing her affection for William.

“Kate walked close to him,” says an onlooker told Us Weekly of the royal couple. “They both look really great.”

Onlookers also noted that Kate had a glow about her, even with the baby bump covered. At her other appearances, like an outing in London last month, Kate Middleton also kept herself strategically covered.

Kate MIddleton Baby Bump

When Kate Middleton has showed off her baby bump, it didn’t appear to be by design. Photographers did catch some snapshots of her in a blue bikini while she and William were on a romantic vacation on the island of Mustique last month, but that was by no means a planned appearance for Middleton. And at that point in early February the Duchess wasn’t showing very much anyway.

So what is the reason for Kate Middleton to cover the baby bump? Some media followers speculate that she’s been extra guarded after topless pictures were taken of her last summer while she was on vacation. The Duchess has also been known for her modesty, and keeping the baby bump under wraps would seem to fall under this behavior.