John Legend Isn’t Sure If His Daughter Luna Actually Believes In Santa Claus

John Legend believes his 3-year-old daughter Luna Simone might not believe in Santa Claus.

Yesterday, John Legend spoke to People Magazine exclusively about some of the holiday traditions he and his family share.

The conversation took place while he was attending the Bloomingdale’s holiday store window unveiling. Legend was not only in attendance, but he also assisted in unveiling the holiday windows. He performed some of his hits from his Christmas album.

“Luna, she talks about Santa and I don’t know if she really believes in Santa or if she just does it to play along with us. I don’t know what’s going on yet. I was never raised on Santa as a kid, so I never knew about the way parents keep up the mythology for a while.” Legend explained to People Magazine.

John continued to explain that he wasn’t sure how long he and Chrissy Teigen would “keep the charade going” as he believed it was only a matter of time before his daughter figured out what was and was not true.

Because Legend was not brought up believing in the magic of Santa Claus, finding the right way to incorporate it in his children’s’ lives and for how long is something he admittedly struggles with.

And what does the singer plan on giving his children for Christmas?

In regards to presents, Legend told People Magazine he and his wife spend time listening to what both Luna and Miles Theodore enjoy. He said they would spend time deciding what they love and what they like before getting them gifts based on what they learned.

John added that he’s well aware of how fortunate his children are. He, however, doesn’t want to completely spoil them during Christmas but does want to make sure he and his wife are able to get them some presents they will really enjoy.

Here’s what Christmas celebrations look like in John Legend’s home

During the conversation with the publication, John also shed some light on what Christmas celebrations looked like for his family. He explained that food, family, and music were the three most important components. He noted that as long as they had those three things that nothing else mattered.

Legend also revealed that Christmas songs are not exclusive to the Christmas season in his house. In fact, his daughter Luna loves Christmas music so much she believes she should listen to it all year round.

“She’s like, ‘I want to hear daddy’s Christmas music,’ and it happens all year round,” he explained.