Wendy Williams Angrily Shuts Down Rumors That She’s ‘On The Kardashian Payroll’

Wendy Williams came out in full defense mode during The Wendy Williams Show on Friday. She swiftly shut down rumors that are going around that she’s being paid by the Kardashians. She noted that while she and the famous family are on friendly terms, she’s definitely not working for them. The rumors started after Williams recently become friends with Kris Jenner, according to Hollywood Life.

Williams’ rant started after she made a comment about how she really likes Kim Kardashian’s new shapewear line, Skims. She followed the comment up with a long speech about rumors being spread about her.

“And girls, I have to tell you, I don’t wear [Kim’s] shape wear, but this stuff is really comfortable. And no, I’m not on a Kardashian payroll, pick a finger, OK. How dare you say that! I say what I want out here on my show. I apologize for coming out here and having an attitude. I don’t know, I have an attitude every day, but only because I always feel defensive to you. You’re always saying something against me, you know whether it’s the sneakers, or that I’m on the Kardashian payroll, or whatever the hell you say. So, I feel defensive in a nice way though!”

Like many celebrities, Williams has never hesitated to throw shade in the direction of this famous family on her show. She’s always given her opinion on their romances, scandals, and fashion choices. But recently, she’s been on better terms with them, being photographed with both Jenner and Kim Kardashian. She even visited Kim and her husband, Kanye West, at their California home, so the family must have forgiven her for the past comments she’s made about them.


After this social gathering, fans began to notice that it appeared Williams wasn’t being as critical about the Kardashians or Jenners during her show. She, however, insists this is not the case. She admitted that she had come up with some sort of deal with the Kardashians, but the deal didn’t involve payment or ban her from talking smack about them. Rather it involves her checking with them for accuracy about details regarding their lives before talking about them.

Williams continued to say that she will continue to discuss the details of the Kardashians’ lives because it is impossible not to do so due to how heavily they are talked about in the media. She’s held true to her claim and recently questioned Kim and Kanye for allowing their 5-year-old daughter North to wear a nose ring, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

The Kardashians will not be missing from the Hot Topics segment of Williams’ show anytime soon.