WWE News: Young Star Reveals What Vince McMahon Thinks Of His Work


In the world of professional wrestling, it is the goal of so many wrestlers to make it to WWE and become a full-fledged superstar. Humberto Carrillo is only 24-years-old, but he has been wrestling since his late teenage years and has already received one of the greatest gifts ever. Not only is he a member of the Monday Night Raw brand, but he received some incredible words of encouragement from none other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

When you’re a member of the WWE roster, it takes a lot of work to get noticed and work your way up the ladder. The roster is huge and full of very talented superstars who are all shooting for those championships and spotlight positions to stay at the top of their game.

Humberto Carrillo signed with WWE in October of last year and worked for a while in NXT before being moved to the 205 Live roster. He worked for quite some time on that brand before eventually making his way to Monday Night Raw where he currently works.

The young superstar has a long career ahead of him, but he’s already getting himself noticed by some of the best in the business. As a matter of fact, Carrillo was once approached by Vince McMahon and given a glowing review of his in-ring work.

Humberto Carrillo is ready for his next match.
Featured image credit: WWE

In a recent interview with Super Luchas, the man formerly known as Ultimo Ninja brought up a time he met with Vince. Carrillo said that he was still new in WWE and working on the 205 Live brand when he had a meeting with Vince which ended up being a very positive experience.

“On one occasion, when I was in 205 Live. I had the opportunity to talk with him. He congratulated me for my work, told me that I am doing things very well and not despair.

He said he likes the way I work and is happy with the results. Those comments, coming from someone like him, are very encouraging.”

Over the course of the last month, Carrillo has found himself in the main event scene of Monday Night Raw with matches against the likes of AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. He even won the huge battle royal at WWE Crown Jewel which included a number of veteran superstars.

Humberto Carrillo still has a long way to go if he’s going to reach the top of the WWE ladder, but he already has something that a lot of others don’t. Receiving even a few words of encouragement from Vince McMahon is enough to motivate anyone to keep doing what they’re doing.