Elizabeth Warren Accused Of Lying About Sending Her Children To Public Schools

Elijah NouvelageGetty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is accused of lying about sending her children to public schools. Although reporting from New York Post’s Corey DeAngelis suggests Warren’s son, Alex, attended a private school in Texas, the 70-year-old Massachusetts senator recently suggested otherwise, The Washington Examiner reports.

In footage obtained by DeAngelis, a women identified as Sarah Carpenter confronts Warren about reports that her children attended private schools.

“We want the same choice that you had for your kids because I read that your children went to private school,” the woman said.

“No, my children went to public schools,” Warren responded.

Carpenter responded by suggesting that even if Warren’s children attended public school, it was likely “the best public school,” adding that most people don’t have the financial means to live in regions with high-performing public schools.

DeAngelis shared video footage of the interaction on Twitter and said he had caught Warren in a lie.

According to DeAngelis’ report, Alex attended Kirby Hall School in Texas, which is located close to the University of Texas at Austin, where Warren taught. The school’s tuition is reportedly $17,875 per year with a student-teacher ratio of 5 to 1 — much better than public schools, where the ratio is allegedly three times as high.

The report also notes that Warren’s daughter, Amelia, went to Anderson High School, which is one of the top high schools in the country, appearing to confirm Carpenter’s claims.

Warren reportedly plans to end private school vouchers and tax credits, block new programs that offer families school choices, and ban for-profit charter schools, which DeAngelis suggested conflicts with how she raised her children.

“Warren’s family’s educational situation is vivid proof of the need for school choice. In the same year, one child went to private, the other went to public. One size does not fit all,” his report reads.

It’s not the first time Warren has been accused of lying. Critics previously suggested she lied about being fired from her teaching job for being pregnant, after documents suggested that the Riverdale Board of Education in New Jersey unanimously voted for Warren to return for a second year before she resigned. Warren defended the story, which she noted took place before Congress outlawed pregnancy discrimination.

Warren also took heat for her DNA test, which revealed she was 1/1024th Native American. The results came after she reportedly identified as a minority in professional directories. Critics suggested she was using her heritage for personal gain.