WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin Addresses Returning To The Ring For One More Match

There are many WWE fans who never had the distinct honor of watching Stone Cold Steve Austin, but could they get another chance? The Rock has come back to wrestle and Hulk Hogan is still lobbying for one more match, but “The Rattlesnake” hasn’t wrestled in more than 16 years. Finally, the former multi-time WWF/WWE World Champion has given an answer on if he has one more match left in him.

Many superstars from days gone by have decided to give it one more crack in the ring, and a few have even stuck around for more. Shawn Michaels came back after a decade of retirement and had a decent match, but that might have been all fans were going to get out of him.

In the last few months, Austin has made appearances on WWE television and even delivered a big Stone Cold Stunner to AJ Styles, which thrilled old and new fans of wrestling. The legend is in great shape and is enjoying life while working on numerous projects around the world.

As he’s working on a new WWE Network show called Broken Skull Sessions, the idea of him returning to the ring is coming up, yet again. Austin is thrilled with what he’s about to do, but he needed to let the world know that an in-ring comeback for him just isn’t happening.

ESPN sat down with the iconic legend to discuss a number of topics, and they asked if he would get back in the ring as others have done. Austin said fans shouldn’t get their hopes up because it simply isn’t happening.

“I’d be happy to give you a two-letter answer: N.O.”

Austin brought up the fact that it’s hard to “never say never” in the world of professional wrestling, but he’s done. Sure, he has some Stunners left in him and he could deliver a few solidly-placed fists to other superstars, but he’s had his last match.

“I did what I did, and in WrestleMania 19, that was my last match with The Rock and he beat me 1-2-3 right in the middle of the ring. Took three Rock Bottoms, but that was the last match that ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin will ever have.”

Austin will likely continue to work with WWE until he’s ready to no longer be in the public eye at all. He has it in him to do podcasts and other shows, but he’s not getting back in the ring for even one more match.

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