WWE Rumors: Update On Stone Cold Steve Austin’s In-Ring Return And Possible Match At ‘Crown Jewel’

The idea that a WWE Hall of Famer and true legend could come back for one more match is something that numerous wrestling fans wish. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most iconic superstars of all time in any wrestling promotion and fans would love to see him come back and deliver Stunners all around. There have been rumors of him returning for one more match, and now, there is a major update regarding that speculation.

Lately, Austin has been appearing a lot more often for WWE, which has led to rumors of his return beginning to circulate once more. Fans keep holding out hope that he would come back for another match or two, but that seems unlikely, as the 54-year-old former champion hasn’t had a match in about 13 years.

Still, everyone has learned to never say never when it comes to professional wrestling.

After appearing at the Raw Reunion in Tampa and at the Madison Square Garden show, Austin was in the WWE spotlight once again. At the Garden, he even got physical by delivering an awesome Stunner to AJ Styles which sent fans into a chaotic frenzy.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Austin spoke of coming back for one more match and he honestly believes he could have one. While his words have brought even more speculation, there is now an actual update on whether or not he will return.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., rumors have been circulating that Austin would not only return, he would comeback later this year. Some rumors even had him returning for a match at WWE Crown Jewel when the promotion returns to Saudi Arabia in November.

However, Dave Meltzer has stated that there is absolutely nothing to those rumors and that Austin is not even scheduled to be in Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. Those plans are not expected to change, which means that a return match for Austin is out, at least for now.

Austin isn’t the only WWE Hall of Famer being talked about for one more match, either. The Inquisitr reported that there is talk of Edge coming back for another match, but that has not yet been confirmed either.

Fans of the “Attitude Era” and old-school WWE would love to see guys like Edge or Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle again. It’d be great if they could make comebacks, even if it’s just for nostalgia’s sake. But “The Rattlesnake” isn’t going to be coming back anytime soon, if he even comes back at all. Here’s hoping he does.

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