WWE Rumors: More Releases Coming Soon As ‘NXT’ Star Lashes Out At Triple H

Ever since All Elite Wrestling came onto the scene, the dynamic of professional wrestling has changed for WWE and every promotion around the world. Some superstars have requested their releases and been granted them while others have just been fired from the company. As Triple H is publicly commenting on stars asking for their releases on social media, rumors are flying that even more are likely coming soon.

This week, ACH (formerly known as Jordan Myles) was officially released by WWE after the racial controversy over his merchandise. He requested his release and was eventually granted it to begin working on the independent scene once again.

In the last few months, other superstars such as Sin Cara and Luke Harper have also requested their releases but have not been granted them. There is some sense behind all of that, though, as WWE doesn’t necessarily want to feed talent to AEW or other promotions by letting superstars out of their contracts.

According to Brad Shepard of Pro Sports Extra, it could end up happening more often soon. One of his sources in WWE states that more talent cuts are coming, and they could end up happening as soon as this winter.


Shepard did not go on to say who those cuts will be or who may lose their job, but the news should be finalized in the near future. With guys like Harper, Sin Cara, and Mike Kanellis requesting their releases on social media, Triple H wasn’t too happy and decided to address the situation.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., Triple H said that Twitter and going to the media is not the best way of asking for your release. He said that the business is “professional wrestling and the keyword there is…professional.”

Triple H is hoping that this won’t continue to happen in the future and even said that there is a “silliness” to doing things that way. One superstar was not thrilled with how Triple H addressed the situation and decided to fire back at him for it.

Oney Lorcan (R) wrestles Lio Rush (L) on an episode of NXT.

At the end of October, NXT and 205 Live superstar Oney Lorcan requested his release from WWE, which has not yet been granted. He has gone back to using his old ring name of Biff Busick on Twitter and tweeted out his response to Triple H’s comments on release requests.


With many other options now out there for wrestlers, WWE isn’t looking to provide its competition with a talented roster. Still, the roster for WWE has grown very large, and it is difficult to find spots for everyone who is under contract. Rumors are flying that more releases will be granted in the near future, but Triple H made a point to let superstars know that taking things public is not the way to go about business.