President Donald Trump Courts Impeachment By Saying 'I Want A Trial'

President Donald Trump stunned Fox and Friends correspondents in an hourlong interview on the conservative news program when he boldly declared, "I want a trial."

According to The Wrap, President Trump spoke with Fox and Friends to level criticism at Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, insisting that the corruption allegations at the center of the impeachment inquiry are figments of the liberal imagination. He then went on to say that he wanted a trial so that he could supply witnesses that would corroborate his innocence.

"The bottom line is all of those witnesses, they're all Shifty Schiff's. Don't forget, there was no due process — you can't have lawyers, we couldn't have any witnesses. We want to call the whistleblower. And frankly, I want a trial."
Journalists on the Fox and Friends panel appeared shocked, with co-host Brian Kilmeade going so far as to confirm the president's statement.
"You want a trial?"
"I think I could have it be whatever I want," Trump responded. "They should never, ever impeach. I watched five people on your network yesterday say 'there's nothing here.'"

The president went on to condemn Democrats, saying that Speaker Pelosi "is totally incompetent" and "can't get anything done."

The public took to social media to weigh in on the interview, with many Twitter users hedging their bets on the likelihood of impeachment should the trial go to the Senate.


Friday's interview on Fox came after the conclusion of the fifth day of public testimony this week on impeachment proceedings on Capitol Hill. Over the past two weeks, many officials within the Trump administration have come forward to present evidence that suggests the president pressured a foreign government with the power of his office to do his bidding. According to The Inquisitr, President Trump allegedly pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, by withholding almost $400 million dollars in military aid.

President Trump has maintained his innocence throughout the entirety of the impeachment proceedings, claiming that the investigation is a partisan hoax designed to undermine his presidency. The president also insists that the Bidens should be investigated, going so far as to ask that Joe and Hunter Biden take the stand should the impeachment reach the Senate floor. In today's interview, he also defended many of his colleagues implicated in corruption allegations, calling his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani the "greatest crime-fighter of all time."