‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers From Reality Steve Tease New Tidbits About Peter Weber’s Season

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Fans of The Bachelor are anxious for the scoop on how Peter Weber’s season ends and spoiler king Reality Steve is revealing nuggets of information as he uncovers them. Filming has ended and the final rose has been handed out, but it seems that everybody may have to hang tight for a bit longer before they learn which lady received that rose. In the meantime, Steve is sharing some general updates about where his spoiling process stands right now.

On Thursday morning, Reality Steve shared a new blog post and podcast that included some The Bachelor spoilers. He did say right up front that he is not yet ready to reveal the name of who supposedly received Peter’s final rose. He explains that he has heard some scoop regarding how Peter’s season allegedly ends. However, he hasn’t been able to confirm the information to the degree he feels is necessary before he shares what he has heard.

During the first few moments of his podcast, Reality Steve said that there is a certain type of confirmation he is waiting to receive before he shares The Bachelor spoilers he has heard regarding Peter’s final rose recipient. He pointed out that he would much rather wait a while and be right than share preliminary, unconfirmed information and have to shift direction later.

Reality Steve added that he has heard some details about what went down at the end of filming, seemingly suggesting that there was some noteworthy drama. He also teased that there are some other tidbits from the filming of Peter’s season that he has held on to and will reveal in the weeks ahead.

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The Bachelor spoilers have detailed that Peter’s final three are Hannah Sluss, Madison Prewett, and Victoria Fuller. There has been some speculation that Hannah was eliminated after overnights, based solely on the fact that she was the first of the three final bachelorettes to get back on social media.

Peter’s final rose ceremony seemingly took place last weekend. So far, it doesn’t appear that Peter or Victoria have jumped back on social media yet. Madi did shift her Instagram page back to being publicly visible now, and it seems that happened within the past few days.

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It is typical for the final couple to spend a few days together after filming before returning home, often making them the last people from a newly-filmed season to interact with people on Instagram or Twitter again. Given that trend, it seems likely that The Bachelor star will be publicly active again soon.

Does Peter get engaged and will it be to Victoria, who has already generated some buzz over drama from her personal life? Now that both Madi and Hannah are back on Instagram, but Peter and Victoria aren’t, it will probably intensify speculation that Victoria received Peter’s final rose. However, The Bachelor spoilers don’t reveal that to be the case for certain yet.

Reality Steve promises that as soon as he can confirm the information he has gathered, he will share it with everybody. For now, The Bachelor spoiler fans will have to hang tight and continue to watch for clues about what went down at the end of filming.