WWE News: Triple H Comments On Unhappy Superstars Requesting Releases


During a conference call with the media on Thursday, Triple H shared his thoughts on the WWE superstars who have publicly requested their releases from the company in recent months.

As quoted by Cageside Seats, “The Game” believes that it’s unprofessional for WWE employees to try to get out of their contracts by announcing their desire to leave the company online. Instead, he thinks that they should contact the relevant parties and deal with their issues internally.

“Anybody that’s out there that is serious about it that’s talking on the internet — that ain’t the place to do it. We all have phones, we all have cell phones… you handle your business like a professional. Everybody likes to think we don’t stick to the word and everybody likes to say professional wrestlers, the key word in front of that — professional. That’s what we’re trying to change about the business and make people more professional.”

Triple H is referring to superstars like Luke Harper, who took to Twitter earlier this year to announce that he’d be leaving the company. However, his request was denied, and he’s been sitting at home ever since, only showing up briefly to help Erick Rowan in his feud against Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Furthermore, Harper even had more months added on to his deal because he had to take time off to recover from an injury.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, Sin Cara also used social media to announce his desire to leave WWE, but at the time of this writing, he’s still a member of the roster. Of course, he’s one of several superstars who are reportedly in a similar situation.

While “The Game” understands that some superstars are frustrated and want to leave the company, he also stated that some of them are doing it for attention — either because they want to boost their profile or mess with people.

He also compared WWE to being in a long-term relationship, where superstars threaten to leave in the heat of a moment and change their minds later on.

Since All Elite Wrestling burst onto the scene earlier this year, WWE has been signing more superstars to long-term deals, and management has been reluctant to release performers from their contracts. The rumor is that Vince McMahon is worried that they’ll join the competition and become bigger stars.

Triple H’s comments suggest that the company is willing to listen to the concerns of unhappy performers, but whether or not WWE officials are prepared to grant them their freedom remains unclear.