‘General Hospital’ Scheduling Shift Moves New Episode Once Again, Details ABC

Craig SjodinABC

The ongoing televised impeachment hearings have impacted ABC’s planned schedule for new General Hospital episodes once again. After leaving viewers in multiple time zones guessing as to when the show was slated to begin, a new post on the show’s Twitter page confirmed that the episode that was supposed to air on Wednesday, November 20, will air on Thursday instead.

The ongoing hearings have wreaked havoc on the regular General Hospital schedule. ABC faced tough decisions in this regard twice last week, and they ultimately moved one episode out a day and let another air about half of the show, joining it in progress as ABC cut away from the hearings. On Tuesday this week, ABC chose to let General Hospital air, but things seemingly got rather messy as some areas aired the show and others didn’t.

On Wednesday morning, the show’s social media accounts detailed that once again, the network would monitor the situation and make a solid decision closer to air time. As the show was scheduled to begin airing for those on the East Coast and in the Central Time Zone, the televised hearings continued.

Finally, about 10 minutes later, the show’s Twitter page revealed the network’s decision. Rather than deal with some viewers seeing the show and others missing it and scrambling to find it online, it will air for everybody in the United States on Thursday. The show does appear to be airing for those in Canada, which should mean they will see an encore on Thursday.

Viewers may run into frustrations on Thursday as well. Televised impeachment hearings are scheduled for November 21, and fans may once again find themselves left hanging until their usual time slot. ABC does always post each day’s episodes on their General Hospital page at night, so frustrated fans can catch up if their region missed part — or all — of an episode that aired everywhere else.

With specific holiday-themed episodes on the way, both fans and the network are surely hoping that these General Hospital schedule shifts will end soon. This November sweeps period has been jam-packed with big developments throughout Port Charles, and spoilers suggest that there are more shockers on the way.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that the next episode will detail Nikolas showing up at Wyndemere and being caught by Charlotte. Jason will turn to Spinelli for help on Sam’s case, and SheKnows Soaps notes that Chase will confront his brother, Finn, about not sharing the news regarding Violet.

These General Hospital schedule uncertainties have been tough on everybody, and it sounds as if viewers may want to hang tight for further updates.