Jim Jordan Attacks Nancy Pelosi For Calling Donald Trump An ‘Impostor’

Jacquelyn MartinGetty Images

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently suggested on CBS’s Face the Nation that Donald Trump‘s real-time attacks on former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch during her testimony for the impeachment probe stemmed from his “insecurity as an impostor.”

“I think part of it is his own insecurity as an impostor. I think he knows full well that he’s in that office way over his head. And so, he has to diminish everyone else,” she said at the time.

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, who has taken on an aggressive role in defending Trump amidst the impeachment probe, responded to Pelosi’s comments on Tuesday, Breitbart reports.

“Sunday, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives called the President of the United States an impostor. The Speaker of the House called the president an impostor,” Jordan said.

“Sixty-three million people voted for the guy who won an Electoral College landslide — the speaker calls an impostor. That’s what’s happened to our country, to this Congress. The speaker’s statement says it all.”

Jordan continued to suggest that Democrats have always been opposed to the desires of the American people and said they don’t trust the people’s decision to nominate Trump. The 55-year-old congressman added that Democrats have been targeting the president since his election and noted that five Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee voted in favor of impeachment before the July phone call that sparked the current probe.

When Jordan isn’t defending Trump in the impeachment inquiry, reports suggest he often takes the offensive against other players in the probe that pose a threat to the president, including witnesses. Per The Christian Science Monitor, Jordan attacked American diplomat William Taylor last week and suggested that the information Taylor was presenting was unreliable ⁠— an attack that earned him praise from GOP Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina.

Jordan also took aim at Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on Tuesday and suggested the Purple Heart recipient may have previously leaked information. In addition, Jordan read a deposition transcript that reportedly indicated a potential connection between Vindman and the whistleblower that sparked the probe into Trump.

The Christian Science Monitor claims that observers have noted Jordan’s skill at creating an impeachment counternarrative that plays well via simple sound bites. According to former Democratic Ohio state representative Capri Cafaro, Jordan is “media savvy” and has the necessary skill to take the GOP lead in hitting back at the impeachment probe that threatens to cost Republicans the election in 2020.