‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Fans React To Jon Gosselin’s Bombshell Interview With Dr. Oz

Jon Gosselin opened up about his divorce from ex-wife Kate Gosselin in a bombshell interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz. Fans of the former couple’s reality show have mixed feelings when it comes to the exes and how their toxic relationship is affecting their eight kids.

On the heels of the end of a 10-year gag order imposed on him by TLC, Jon, 42, blasted the network for siding with Kate and went into detail about his ex’s alleged “narcissistic personality disorder.” He also said he does not speak to Kate at all and only sees her in court. The DJ added that he completely stopped trying to co-parent with his ex-wife and says he is just waiting things out until his younger children turn 18 in two years.

Jon also accused his ex of mentally torturing their children, most notably their now-15-year-old son Collin, who was institutionalized without Jon’s knowledge when he was 12 years old.

While Jon stopped short of calling Kate an “unfit mother,” he said her “belief system is skewed.” The dad of eight said he saw a drastic change in his wife when the family experienced instant fame on their TLC reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, which aired from 2007 to 2009. Jon also revealed that it was Kate who wanted the divorce after he told her he wanted to stop filming the high-paying reality show in their home. After the 2009 divorce, Kate and the kids headlined the Jon-free series, Kate Plus 8, which is still on the air with periodic specials.

In the comments section of a video of the interview posted to The Dr. Oz Show YouTube channel, fans were divided on who to blame for one of the most toxic celebrity divorces in recent history. While some blasted Kate, others felt that Jon should take some accountability for his failed marriage.

“They BOTH did wrong things and BOTH have caused damage to their kids. He openly admitted years ago he cheated. He also admitted years ago he was mad that TLC cut his money off. If his kids are his top priority how is this interview helping his kids?!” one commenter wrote.

“Sounds to me like both parents wanted what was best for their kids but they had different ideas of what that was and they couldn’t reach middle ground. And I don’t hear Jon taking any responsibility for his failed marriage and failed parental relationships,” another added.

Others noted that while Kate appeared “mean and bitter” to Jon on camera, she went on to raise all eight of their kids as a single mom until recently, when two of their children, Hannah and Collin, moved in with Jon.

Even Dr. Oz told Jon that he was doing a disservice to his children by feeding into the toxic behavior he’s had with Kate for the past decade.

Kate has not yet responded directly to Jon’s claims about her and their marriage. The Kate Plus 8 star has vowed to share “the truth” about what happened to her family in the near future.