Reality Steve Teases 'The Bachelor' Spoilers, Confirms Peter Weber's Final Rose Ceremony Is Over

Peter Weber has finished filming his journey as The Bachelor, spoilers from blogger Reality Steve detail. The spoiler guru took to Twitter over the weekend to share the latest he had uncovered in these last days of filming. However, he noted that there are still key details that fans will have to wait a bit longer yet to learn.

Spoiler king Reality Steve had previously revealed that bachelorettes Hannah Sluss, Victoria Fuller, and Madison Prewett were Peter's final three ladies after he eliminated Kelsey Weier. Once the hometown dates and subsequent rose ceremony wrapped up, the group shifted to Australia for the rest of the filming process.

The Bachelor spoilers had previously suggested that Peter's final rose ceremony would likely happen on either November 16 or 17. At this point, it appears that this is probably the case. On Sunday afternoon, Reality Steve tweeted that filming was officially over.

Not only did Reality Steve confirm that Peter's done filming, but he also noted that Hannah has reactivated her Instagram page. During filming, all the contestants need to deactivate their social media accounts. It's often a fairly significant spoiler to see the contestant reactive the pages again, as it usually helps spoiler fans pin down how early they were eliminated.

For the past few seasons, producers have kept the final three off their phones and social media until filming is fully completed. That makes it difficult for people to figure out who was eliminated after the overnights versus who made it to the final rose ceremony, but sometimes some signs emerge anyway.

As Reality Steve notes, the fact that Hannah is back on Instagram does not explicitly pinpoint where she placed in Peter's final three. However, a fair number of The Bachelor fans have a hunch that she may well have been eliminated after overnights.

If that is the case, then Hannah has had a few days to regroup since her elimination. It may well be that she is anxious to reconnect with the outside world and thus is reactivating her social media pages.

If Hannah was eliminated just ahead of the final rose ceremony, that puts Madison and Victoria as Peter's final two. Spoilers have previously teased some juicy tidbits about Victoria's past, while Madi is said to be more of a girl-next-door type gal.

There are some unconfirmed rumors swirling on Reddit and elsewhere that Victoria did get to the final two. However, Reality Steve has yet to either confirm or squash those rumors.

Reality Steve recently detailed that based on what he has heard, it was a toss-up regarding who was most likely getting Peter's final rose, a situation that is somewhat unusual these days. If Victoria and Madison are the last two women standing, The Bachelor spoilers suggest that production may have a lot to work with in terms of projecting a good girl versus bad girl finale.

Typically, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette lead and their final pick spend a few quiet days together once they have filmed the final rose ceremony. In the meantime, the runner-up and third-place contestants make their way home. That does not mean that the last one back online is guaranteed to be the final rose recipient. However, there have been definitely times when it worked out that way.

Did Peter Weber find love as The Bachelor? Spoilers from Reality Steve pinpointing what went down during the overnights and final rose ceremony should emerge soon, and everybody will be anxious to get going with the premiere airing in January.