‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Reveal Peter Weber’s Final 3 Women & Fans Are Stunned By The Scoop From Reality Steve

Spoiler king Reality Steve is revealing big teasers for Peter Weber’s run as The Bachelor. Filming is at a critical point ahead of the January premiere date, as Peter just eliminated one of his final four ladies after the hometown dates. Which woman had to say goodbye to Weber after introducing him to her family?

Over the past week, Peter traveled to four different cities to meet the families of his final four women. The last hometown date reportedly took place in Iowa on Saturday, and now Reality Steve is sharing The Bachelor spoilers via Twitter about what happened after that.

According to Reality Steve’s sources, Kelsey Weier was eliminated by Peter at the last rose ceremony. She is the one who received the last hometown date in Iowa, and it seems the rose ceremony likely was held Sunday night.

If the spoiler king’s scoop is accurate, that means Weber’s final three women include Victoria Fuller, Hannah Sluss, and Madison Prewett. From here, The Bachelor spoilers suggest that filming heads to Australia now.

As of this writing, Reality Steve has only shared the results of the last rose ceremony, indicating that Peter eliminated Kelsey. The Bachelor fans will be anxious to hear more details about this decision, as earlier spoilers had many people speculating there would be a different lady eliminated.


The buzz is that Peter’s second hometown date involving Victoria Fuller was a wild one. Reality Steve shared that an ex-girlfriend of Weber showed up during part of the date to warn him about Fuller’s reputation in town.

It seemed likely that this would lead to her elimination at the rose ceremony, but now it seems Peter kept Victoria. The Bachelor fans following these spoilers wasted no time in replying to Reality Steve’s tweet about this shocker.

“Yikes. I may lose all interest in watching this season, given he’s still kept Victoria,” noted one follower.

“Well whatever the outcome. That will be on peter, he was made aware of Victoria’s situation and he still chose to keep her, if by chance he chooses her in the end, he is gonna be feeling the heat when he comes back to reality.”

“Of course Victoria is there..production running this not Peter,” remarked another person on Twitter.

The Bachelor fans may be a bit stunned to hear that Peter kept Victoria over Kelsey, but at least one person thinks that could be good news for Weier.

“Kelsey as F4 and the only non-brunette over the ages of 25 not from the South? Sounds like Bachelorette material to me!” noted a franchise fan.

Next up for Peter Weber are the overnight fantasy suite dates in Australia with the final rose ceremony slated to happen later this month. Reality Steve’s spoilers will dish out more tantalizing details as these last dates take place, and fans will be quite curious to see how things play out.