‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint That Sam’s Future May Be In Jeopardy

Sam’s future will be decided this week on ABC’s General Hospital. She has been sitting in a jail cell at Pentonville waiting for her bench trial and it’s finally here. Beginning on Monday, Diane will be pleading her case and the judge will be making a decision on whether Sam’s name will be cleared in the murder of Shiloh Archer.

Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Jason will be taking the stand, but that may not be such a good thing. It doesn’t sound like things will go his way as he is trying his best to help Sam get out of prison. He will give his statement on what happened the night that Sam was forced to shoot Shiloh to save Jason’s life. It could go either way, as it is now known that a nurse that was involved with Dawn of Day had overheard Sam talking about how she did want him dead for all he had done to Kristina, Willow, and the other women. That may just be her downfall in the trial.

According to the print version of ABC Soaps In Depth, the judge’s ruling, whatever it may be, will be just the beginning of Sam and Jason’s story. That sounds pretty ominous. General Hospital’s co-head writer, Dan O’Connor, calls it a ‘coin toss’ as to what the verdict in the bench trial will be.

On Tuesday, spoilers say that Sam will be deeply shaken. That seems to suggest that things probably won’t be going her way and she will be heading right back to Pentonville. At least she won’t have Cassandra Pierce to worry about. Her dangerous cellmate is supposedly dead from the boat explosion that happened as she was making her getaway.

Another strong hint that Sam may not get the answer she wanted is the return of Spinelli on Wednesday. The Inquisitr recently indicated that actor Bradford Anderson will be returning to his off and on role as Damian Spinelli, also known as The Jackal. The tech guru will be stepping in this week to help Jason with something that is likely related to helping Sam. If anyone can make magic happen, it’s this guy.

If Sam is forced back to Pentonville, there is a chance that she will end up getting a new cellmate while she waits for Jason to figure something out.

There is much more to come on General Hospital this week as November sweeps continue.

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