Anderson Cooper Gets Scared By Bigfoot [Video]

anderson cooper

Anderson Cooper is afraid of Bigfoot.

The silver fox was talking to Padma Lakshmi today on his talk show Anderson Live when he got a fright from an unwanted guest. As Cooper and Lakshmi chatted, a person in a Bigfoot costume crept across the set and gave the talk show host the scare of his life.

Anderson screamed like a child and walked nervously across the set. And this is a man who has stood in war torn countries holding a microphone and reported while bombs were blowing up nearby buildings.

Anderson may have had the bigger reaction to Bigfoot but at least he didn’t wet his pants. After Bigfoot walked off set Lakshmi said that she peed her pants. It’s not clear if the pee was fear or laughter induced.

Sadly, this type of quality entertainment will soon be leaving the airwaves as Anderson Live! will be going off the air this summer.

But don’t worry, Cooper may have another job line up already. Rumors are floating around that Cooper may replace Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy. Matt Lauer is also being considered for the job.


Here’s the video of Anderson Cooper getting scared by Bigfoot.

This, of course, isn’t the only uncomfortable moment Cooper has experienced on live TV. Yes, Cooper has stared down things much more evil, sinister, and dangerous than Bigfoot. He once had to talk to Kathy Griffin.