Miley Cyrus Having Ring Fixed, Not Calling Off Engagement

Cyrus Hemsworth Split

Don’t listen to the rumors, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are still together. The pop star explained today why she hasn’t been wearing her ring lately: It’s been in the shop.

Miley has been spotted out over the last few weeks without her engagement ring. This has led many to speculate that her relationship with Liam Hemsworth was heading toward it’s end.

But according to a recent tweet, Miley’s ringless finger has nothing to do with a troubled relationship.

Lindsey Lee wrote Miley on Twitter that she recently had to take her ring off to have it fixed. Lee, who is also a singer, said that she felt “naked” without it. Miley wrote back saying that she felt the same way.

Miley wrote: “Ugh that’s the worst! I just had a similar situation except when it happens to me then everyone says my wedding is off.”

Miley is obviously a little annoyed with all the rumors about her and Liam. If you don’t think it’s obvious, here’s another tweet that the singer sent today.


Miley wrote: “The fact that we live in a world which condones the stripping of basic human rights (dignity, privacy, etc…) of people because of their status, is very sad to me. We need to have higher standards for ourselves as people and a society. Please remember that before you pick up a tabloid. Don’t fuel the fire or promote the bullying and ridicule of your fellow man.”

Do you agree with Miley Cyrus? Should celebrities have more privacy? Hawaii certainly thinks so. The state senate recently passed the Steven Tyler Act which will make it illegal for the paparazzi to photograph celebrities during private moments.