Small Plane Crash In Florida Parking Lot Kills Three

A small plane crashed into a parking lot in South Florida this afternoon. At least three people were killed in the crash.

According to CBS, the Piper Pa31 Navajo, a two-engine turboprop plane, experienced problems shortly after it took off from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

The plane was attempting to circle back to the runway when it clipped a warehouse. The plane then fell from the sky and landed in parking lot that was populated with several cars. WSVN-TV reports that at least 10 cars were charred in the crash.

Chris Jewett, who witnessed the crash from an office building across the street, said: “The whole building shook… It (felt) like somebody crashed into the building. Three of four (parked vehicles) actually blew up, the rest caught on fire.”

Reuters reports that three people were killed in the crash. All three victims were aboard the plane. There have been no reports of any ground injuries.

Another witness, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I was amazed. I was standing outside of our shop, and the plane was banking, and you can kind of see it, and when it popped, it went right down to the ground, and it exploded.”

Here’s a video report about the plane crash in Fort Lauderdale.

This isn’t the only small plane crash to hit the news recently. Four people were killed when a small plane crashed in New Mexico and last month there was a deadly crash in central Florida last month.