Bank Teller Nathan Newell Allegedly Followed A Customer Home And Robbed Him After Large Withdrawal

A Maryland bank teller is accused of going to an elderly customer’s home and robbing him after the customer made a large withdrawal on Monday, Richmond’s WWBT-TV reports. The local sheriff is likening the crime to a “reverse bank robbery.”

Authorities say that 19-year-old Nathan Newell was working as a teller at Freedom Federal Credit Union in Bel Air when a 78-year-old man made one or more “large” withdrawals on Monday. It has yet to be disclosed exactly how much money the man withdrew, though one report says it was “thousands.” The reason for the withdrawal has also yet to surface.

Newell allegedly went to the man’s house and attempted to rob him later that day.

According to a Facebook post from the Hartford County Sheriff’s Office, Newell, wearing a mask, allegedly rang the 78-year-old man’s doorbell and forced his way inside. There, according to The Baltimore Sun, he allegedly assaulted the elderly customer. During the assault, Newell reportedly attempted to strangle the bank customer until the man’s 57-year-old stepdaughter intervened by putting him in a headlock. According to reports, Newell was able to fight his way out of the woman’s grip. He then allegedly held both the woman and man by the throat, while repeatedly demanding to know where the money was.

When Newell allegedly began punching the elderly man in the face, the woman retrieved her gun and pointed it at Newell, which “didn’t faze him,” according to the Baltimore newspaper. She pulled the trigger three times, but the gun wasn’t loaded. The assailant then ran upstairs and jumped out of a window.

The woman called the police to report the attack. Authorities were able to track Newell down with the help of K-9 units.

Newell was arrested and charged with home invasion, robbery, first-degree and third-degree burglary, first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault.

The victims were both treated at local hospitals for non-life-threatening injuries. The elderly man suffered a broken leg, a bruised orbital area, two loose teeth and unspecified heart issues following the attack; the woman was treated for a cut to the side of her face.

Hartford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler said he’s never seen anything like the attack.

“In 34 years in law enforcement, I can’t think of another case where it’s almost like a reverse bank robbery,” he said.

Newell allegedly told the arresting officer that he was “tired of working two jobs” and that he was trying to “get his own place.”