Pope Francis Stumbles: Pontiff Pulls A JLaw During Mass [Video]

Pope Francis stumbles

On Friday, Pope Francis I stumbled during a Mass for the cardinals of the Catholic Church. He was there paying tribute to his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, but his little tumble paid tribute to Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Thursday, Pope Francis held his first (unscripted) mass as the leader of the Catholic Church, telling the cardinals in attendance that the religious organization should adhere to its roots and avoid modern temptations.

During his first homily, the 76-year-old Jorge Mario Bergoglio, elected “Pope Francis I” on Wednesday, advised the church to avoid becoming a “pitiful” non-governmental organization, and called on it to go through spiritual renewal and focus on the message of Jesus Christ.

“If we do not confess to Christ what would we be?” Francis said. “We would end up a pitiful NGO. What would happen would be like when children make sand castles and then it all falls down.”

But it was the very next day that the Pope’s first week really got interesting. On Friday, Pope Francis stumbled for his very first time as pontiff, though this trip-up was quite literal.

While stepping down from the altar to greet the assembly of cardinals, it appeared as though Pope Francis I’s left shoe became entangled in his flowing white robe, causing him to stumble for a moment.

He regained his footing quickly, but it was too late! Video had captured Pope Francis’s stumble, which was then posted to YouTube.

Remember at the 2013 Oscars when actress Jennifer Lawrence stumbled on her way up the stairs to accept her very first Academy Award? She was awkward, sweet, and completely flummoxed, but we fell in love with her all the more, didn’t we?

Like Lawrence, Pope Francis laughed off his little trip. He already has a reputation as a “laid back” or “down-to-earth” pope in some circles, an observation that was seemingly steeled by his response to stumbling on the altar.


“Let us give this wisdom to young people,” Pope Francis said, noting the advanced age of half the cardinals in attendance. “Like good wine, it becomes better with age.”

Did you see Pope Francis stumble? If not, here’s the video: