WWE Rumors: More Details On ‘NXT’ Star Jordan Myles’ Issues With Company Revealed By ‘Wrestling Observer’


The latest update on the situation of NXT superstar Jordan Myles, who announced via a profanity-laden Twitter video this week that he is quitting WWE, suggests that the company did what it could to help the 31-year-old wrestler, well before his accusations of racism were made public last month.

Citing this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Wrestling Inc. wrote that when it came to Myles’ supposedly racist T-shirt design, WWE “quickly rectified” this mistake, pulling the item from its online shop right after he complained about it. However, the former publication noted that Myles didn’t take the right approach when he took his complaints public.

Per the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials “very much tried” to help Myles, doing so weeks before he first tweeted about the T-shirt. As pointed out, this was around the time that the former Ring of Honor star stopped showing up at the WWE Performance Center, though at the time his absences were first noticed, it wasn’t clear whether this was because he was upset over the allegedly racist design chosen for his official merchandise.

Although Myles deleted his Twitter account soon after he announced his decision to quit WWE, Wrestling Inc. explained that there are still copies of his video available on social media. As noted, the clip showed him referring to his WWE ring name as his “slave name” and insisting that he be called by his independent wrestling moniker, Super ACH. The publication added that Myles — known in real life as Albert Christian Hardie — was the one who chose his ring name, shortly before he first used it early in June.

At the moment, Myles’ wrestler profile can still be viewed on the WWE website’s NXT roster page, and the company has yet to issue any comment on the grappler’s decision to walk away. It isn’t sure either whether WWE will grant his release. However, Wrestling Inc. again cited the Wrestling Observer, which wrote that Myles has been in contact with “at least one” rival promotion. The names of the companies were not revealed in the report, and there’s a chance that Myles won’t be allowed to appear for them if he remains under contract with WWE.

In addition, it seems possible that Myles might find it hard to sign with some of WWE’s top competitors, including Ring of Honor and All Elite Wrestling. As previously suggested in a report from The Inquisitr, Myles might have “burned bridges” with ROH following his comments against company mainstay Jay Lethal, while AEW reportedly isn’t interested either in the controversial wrestler due to his recent behavior.