Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby No. 4, As Relationship With Prince William Back On Track, Report Claims

Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby No. 4, a surprise that has been welcomed by the duchess and her husband now that their embattled marriage is back on track, a new report claims.

The report of Kate’s pregnancy comes from the November 18 issue of InTouch Weekly, which claims that the British royal is near the end of her first trimester, but is still keeping the pregnancy quiet for a bit longer. The report cited an unnamed “palace insider” who said that both Kate and Prince William were thrilled to be adding to their family and that Kate had been trying for some time to get pregnant to no success.

The report noted that after a tumultuous period that included allegations of infidelity on Prince William’s part, the couple is looking forward to welcoming their little one. After rumors claiming William had cheated on his wife, there were some tabloid reports claiming that the two could be headed for divorce, so the pregnancy — if true — could signal that the strife is now in the past.

And there was even better news for Kate; the severe morning sickness she suffered in each of her other pregnancies was not affecting her this time around.

“Aside from a little tiredness, she’s feeling great,” the insider said. “She’s really enjoying it this time around.”

There appears to be other hints that Kate is secretly pregnant again. Cosmopolitan noted last month that there was growing speculation already that she is expecting again. Some followers of the royal family noted that Kate and William brought their personal doctor along to a royal tour of Pakistan, an unusual development that led many to suspect that Kate may be expecting.

Another report from Us Weekly claimed that William and Kate were trying to add a fourth child to their family, and that they love watching their three little ones as they grow up.

“They love playing together and being creative. Painting, baking and building things are all activities they enjoy, and now that Louis’ a bit older, he gets involved too,” the insider said.


It is not clear what truth there might be to InTouch Weekly’s report that Kate Middleton is pregnant again. Celebrity news outlets have published numerous reports claiming that she is pregnant that have turned out to be off the mark, including a number from InTouch Weekly. Kensington Palace, which has been the first to officially announce Kate’s previous pregnancies, has said nothing on the matter.